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Ways to explore partnering with Rooted Churches

Below you will find a menu of options designed to help you choose what aspects of partnership are most appropriate for the readiness or capacity your church has for partnership.


These are designed to allow you to assess your appetite for more. They represent some of the first points of entry in partnering together in the mission God has called us to together.

Regular Prayer Updates: Our first desire is to partner in prayer with you and for you. Your church will receive regular prayer updates around the mission of Rooted Churches and for specific needs of Rooted Network Churches. We will also tangibly express our commitment to pray for you.

Vision visit: We believe partnership is about relationship first and foremost. Representatives from your church will be welcome to come and experience a long weekend in Scotland. This will include opportunities to hear the story of Rooted Churches, to attend a service at Harvest Glasgow or Harvest Ayr, participate in ministry events at either or both churches and, most significantly, to spend time with your church family here in Scotland.

Vacation with a purpose: Scotland is a beautiful country with castles, lochs and highland cows. We would love you to see the beauty God has created here and for that to invite a prayerful longing for God to do again spiritually something that reflects the breathtaking scenery. The opportunity here is to spend time with church family, building relationship and serving some purpose and then embark on an adventure exploring some of what Scotland has to offer.

Partner visit: Have someone from the Rooted Churches team come and visit your church to share our story or to preach God’s Word.


These are our staple partner opportunities. They have the longest timeline of all our options and we believe they are the things that will bring most lasting fruit to our churches. They represent the headline needs of our mission here in Scotland.

Planter Partner: Walk through the planting process with a church planter. This is typically a five year commitment to invest in assessing, training, praying for, encouraging and financially resourcing a planter from the start of their one year residency, through launch to seeing with them a healthy local church being established. 

Network Strengthener: Help us to grow Rooted Churches. Invest in helping us hire lead and support staff. Our vision is to have in place a full-time Training Pastor, Operations Director and Soul Care Director to ensure the effective growth of our network, care for our church planters and health for our churches.

Pastor Developer: Similar to the Planter Partner but engaging earlier in the process. This is a seven year commitment to help us discern someone’s suitability for church planting. Investing here allows us to bring someone onto pastoral staff to expose them more thoroughly to the preaching, shepherding and leading demands of planting a church. After two years they would then commence what is outlined above in the Planter Partner descriptor. Your church leadership will be invited to be involved in the assessment, training and discerning process that goes with this.

One-year Catalyser: Meet an identified need in one of our Rooted Network Churches and send someone from your church who you feel would benefit from a great year in our mission field. Our smaller context is likely to sharpen their gifts by exposing them to more areas of ministry need. Positions might include one year student ministry or worship ministry opportunities. The candidate spends a year with us and return to you with that experience and strengthening development ready to be useful in the mission and vision of your church.


These options are a recognition that churches have often moved past the starter phase of partnering but their plate may be too full to consider one of our mains options. If that describes your church we invite you to explore the dessert menu. These are shorter and more time specific opportunities. Those who have had a main course might obviously like something they see in this part of the menu and would be welcome to explore these with us too.

Training Trip: Send some leaders from your church to help equip our churches. Our desire is to find ways to nurture leaders and sharpen our thinking. Examples of this would be Elder training, leader development, small group or soul care training, worship team strengthening.

Network seed costs: Help us establish the public presence of Rooted Churches. Fund recruitment trips or the assessment visits we will ask planters to make to us. You might see value in helping to fund our annual Rooted Conference. Webpage, signage, training resources and developing training space will all be required.

Building Development: God has given Harvest Glasgow a great building. There are lots of opportunities in it to help us develop it into a space from which we can do ministry that sets an example of the culture, vision and mission of Rooted Churches. Examples of our most immediate needs are resident housing development, the build out of extra classrooms, worship centre improvements, roof repairs/replacement.

Residency Placement: Expose a church plant resident or ministry trainee from your church to a different context with familiar DNA and culture. This can be used to add depth to their training or as an additional means of assessment.

Interested in partnering with us?

We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch with us today to explore how we can partner alongside you.